jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

Naufragio - Oleo s/tela - 80x40 cm

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İrem Sarpça dijo...

Hello Andrés!

Sorry to use this media as a communication means but I could not find any contact information about you.

You have very unique works and I would like to inform you that we shared a set of your works and some information about yourself in our website www.mandalsanat.com. You can check the page through this link;

Mandalsanat is a blog based in Istanbul. Although we use Enlish in our instagram account, our web page and Facebook account is in Turkish. If you want to know what is written about you, here is the translation;

"Argentina based artist Andrés Guido Pérez was born in 1971, Buenos Aires. He studied in National Shool of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, but left the school before graduation. He is known for his figurative paintings. He takes attention with his expertise in colors and ironic compositions."

Please let us know if there is something wrong or unpleasant for you. We will immediately change it.

Kind regards,

İrem Sarpça

aguidoperez dijo...

Thanks a lot for share my work. The information about me is correct.
I really like your web site.
Hope to hear from you anytime soon.
Andrés Pérez